Edge of Chaos Secures Seed Investment to Unleash Unprecedented Metaverse Battles and Rewards

Edge of Chaos
3 min readMay 3, 2023


Let the games begin.

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MetaGravity — the visionary force behind our upcoming MMORPG game Edge of Chaos — proudly announces a $9.5 million seed round, led by Sino Global Capital and The Spartan Group.

Our goal is to revolutionize the metaverse with high-scale, cost-effective infrastructure along with the support of our other esteemed investors.

© Edge of Chaos 2023 — Our Visionary Seed Investors

Edge of Chaos emerges as the exemplar of MetaGravity’s groundbreaking technology, which unlocks the potential for colossal game worlds of unparalleled scale and interactivity.

Envision breathtaking battles with over 100,000 players in a single instance — all vying for ultimate victory in a stunning metaverse realm.

© Edge of Chaos 2023 — Testing Gameplay Images — A Sneak Peek

First Up: Edge of Chaos Dungeons

Our inaugural release of Edge of Chaos Dungeons this summer transports players into an enthralling roguelike experience, seamlessly integrating our existing Edge of Chaos PFP NFT collection. And we’re committed to upholding the Web 3 ethos. Rewarding holders is paramount to us.

As Edge of Chaos Dungeons is unleashed, NFT holders will embark on a journey to amass redeemer rewards — igniting the first phase of the player-driven economy.

Edge of Chaos Dungeons will make its grand debut in May 2023 alongside the pivotal Redeemer token system — which is interwoven into the fabric of the Edge of Chaos world that is now well under construction.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can say for now. So anticipate further revelations on the bountiful rewards redeemers have in store.

Today we’re firmly focused on delivering the most advanced, interactive and competitive game on the market — using MetaGravity’s unparalled metaverse engine.

Therefore — If you wish to either learn more about the game, join us on our quest or simply check out our progess, please join our growing Edge of Chaos community via the link below.

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