Edge of Chaos — The Journey Towards An Epic Single-Shard Survival Game

Edge of Chaos
5 min readNov 11, 2023


An introduction to the Edge of Chaos Lore

In the heart of a medieval fantasy realm called Eorthe, a realm echoing both alternative history and prehistory, the Edge of Chaos universe unfolds.

The human kingdom of Mærcia, situated in the north west’s temperate and arctic territory, is the crux of civilization — constantly battling the fearsome Skraelings.

These beast-men (referred to as Myste Monsters) strike terror into humanity.

Eorthe’s world is rich and diverse with living beings, where the ice age extinction never happened, allowing mammoths to roam the tundras and sabre-toothed cats to lurk in forests. A faction of giants even harness these mammoths for bloodshed war.

The realm is home to three major factions: humble Menfolk, morphing Skraelings and the malevolent Orcs.

These dark creatures originate from the hellish origins of Grendel, the first ever land of the Orcs. These beings pose a significant threat to humanity as they thrive in corrupted lands and despite being inclined to order and light, are easily succeptible to corruption.

The game prides itself on realistic base-building, a rich game economy, genuine combat, an omnipresent threat from nature and a strategic depth that challenges conventional RTS gameplay.

It merges elements of city-building and grand strategy, offering a combat experience that’s a fusion of historical warfare and action RPGs — dripping with visceral impacts and a Hack-n-Slash aura.

Influences on its design and narrative span from renowned titles like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft to historical epochs like the medieval age and pleistocene prehistory.

The game title encapsulates the essence of chaos theory, producing a world teetering between order and chaos, which is ever-vulnerable to change.

EoC: Dungeons — A Nostalgic Feel with a Modern Twist

In an era where gaming has evolved beyond mere pixels on a screen, EoC: Dungeons stands out not only as a homage to the timeless allure of old-school dungeon crawlers but also as a pivotal bridge into an expansive game franchise. Far from being just another retro-inspired title, EoC: Dungeons masterfully marries the classic charm of top-down dungeon exploration with the intricate strategy of real-time games, heralding an unparalleled gaming experience that sets the stage for a broader universe to unfold.

A Glimpse into the Dark Depths

Drawing inspiration from the great titles of yesteryears, EoC: Dungeons is a visual treat. The game is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, with its grimy visuals reminiscent of classic dungeon crawlers. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. The game promises the same heart-pounding excitement as players risk it all to explore dark, unknown dungeons, battle fierce monsters, and amass treasure.

Build Your Army, Conquer the Dungeon

At the heart of EoC: Dungeons lies the opportunity to build an army. Players start with 6 units and can command up to 16 units, each boasting unique abilities corresponding to their unit types. As players venture deeper into the dungeons, their units level up, unlocking a plethora of abilities. Whether you prefer ranged, close combat, or magical units, the game allows for diverse compositions. The ultimate goal? Descend to the lowest floors and achieve the highest scores.

Realms: More Than Just a Game Mode

EoC: Dungeons introduces Realms, a feature that allows players to form their own communities and compete for dominance. Realms come with their own leaderboards, showcasing the might and prowess of each group. And it’s not just about bragging rights. There will be added value for both Realm Masters and members in the future. So, find your tribe and aim for the top!

EoC: Dungeons — Key Features:

  • 12 distinct playable units, each with a level range of 5.
  • A challenging roster of 24 enemy units across various tiers.
  • Procedurally generated dungeon floors, each more challenging than the last.
  • 6 unique dungeon bioms to explore.
  • Three in-game currencies: Gold, Lesser Gems, and Greater Gems to be spent on army reinformcements.
  • A horde system that keeps you on your toes as you explore the depths.
  • Seven unique shrines, each with its own effects, adding layers to the gameplay.
  • A weekly leaderboard with game coin rewards.
  • Create and customize Realms for friends and the wider gaming community.
  • Buy new armies with game coins, fortifying your strength.

What are you waiting for? Test your mettle and play EoC: Dungeons today (insert hyperlink: https://dungeons.edgeofchaos.io/)

A Glimpse into the Future: An epic Single-Shard Survival MMO title

Beyond its rich lore, “Edge of Chaos” carries grand ambitions.

Our vision is to rally the largest gamer community globally around EoC, aiming to generate unparalleled gameplay and economic value for the game and its players. By leveraging MetaGravity’s market-leading scalable game engine technologies, the team behind EoC is set to redefine the boundaries of gaming potential.

On top of our innovative game economy technology, the growing community will have the chance to actively participate and shape Edge of Chaos’ ever evolving universe.

EoC, as a brand, is committed to introducing unique, groundbreaking gameplay experiences, targeting the vast ocean of gamers worldwide.

Moving forward the team will be sharing in-depth behind the scenes material as the game continous to develop. We aim to supply our exisiting and new fans with a series of developer logs and sneak peaks into the development pipeline.

The team is eager to start sharing everything we’ve been working on and we hope you are equally as excited to join us on this epic journey!



Edge of Chaos

Venture into an epic journey where survival, RTS, and RPG elements fuse in a dynamic world governed by player-driven politics and limitless possibilities.