Introducing Edge of Chaos:
A New Era in MMORPG Gaming

Edge of Chaos
6 min readJun 19, 2023

From the dawn of online multiplayer experiences, gamers and developers alike have fantasised about a true MMORPG sandbox game.

We’ve already seen sci-fi visions of it in films like Ready, Player One — but it’s yet to be made a reality. But we’re glad to say, that’s finally about to change.

We are developing a world expansive enough to accommodate tens of thousands of concurrent human players and AI entities at the same time, in rich, deeply engaging player experiences.

This drastically transcends the current technological limitation of just 100 users per instance which drives the existing limitations in player-built communities and hubs, player-driven economies, dungeon encounters and battlegrounds.

Edge of Chaos is set to realise a leap forward in living, breathing MMO worlds. We are pushing the boundaries of immersive world design with a game that’s continuously evolving​ through a persistent sandbox simulation, powered by MetaGravity’s novel engine technology and next-generation AI.

It’s the game we’ve always dreamed of creating and it’s being built by the world’s leading game developers as we speak.

Introducing the EoC Franchise

Edge of Chaos is more than just a game. It’s an evolving, persistent world where players can engage in a convincingly life-like alternative existence for decades to come.

Players can build and rule their own settlements, engage in warfare and diplomacy or pursue a myriad of careers from peaceful traders to daring adventurers.

There’s a number of roles available to choose from, such as blacksmiths, tailors, architects, herbalists, alchemists and hunters to name a few — which fulfils just about anyone’s gameplay desires.

Some will be contributing members of society while others may choose to go rogue and accumulate their wealth thanks to our on-chain, player-driven economy.

Each player’s actions shape the world’s social and political landscape, leading to a non-linear and dynamic game experience​ that has never existed before in the sandbox genre. The experience is unique to each player and provides a truly individualised gaming experience.

This means that EoC players can explore and shape a mediaeval fantasy existence that evolves dynamically via the interactions of players, AI non-player-character (NPCs) and nature itself​.

This world is more than a game — it is a new beginning where the technological limitations of the past and our imagination of the future fundamentally collide.

New, Wildly More Powerful Engine Technology

The secret behind Edge of Chaos’s large-scale simulation is MetaGravity’s groundbreaking deep technology infrastructure. This technology addresses a major obstacle in developing expansive virtual worlds: the cost and scale of cloud computing.

MetaGravity’s new model of concurrency and parallelism removes the mathematical limits of being able to scale virtual worlds, along with the exponential cloud computing costs.

As a result, it delivers unparalleled scale by cutting down cloud operating costs by 90–99% compared to other leading platforms. And by integrating this new technology, Edge of Chaos can accommodate thousands of players in a fully interactive simulation without crashing.

Introducing the Edge of Chaos Roadmap:

[1] Avatar NFT collection

© Edge of Chaos —Avatar NFT collection to collect in-game rewards

At the end of 2022, we introduced an NFT collection that unlocks significant benefits within the in-game player economy of Edge of Chaos. Your avatar’s rarity takes centre stage, symbolising your exceptional prowess to explore the game’s enthralling realms.

This collection embraces the tiers of rarity that define Edge of Chaos: the steadfast Common, the extraordinary Uncommon, the coveted Rare, the formidable Epic, the awe-inspiring Legendary and the divine Mythical.

Initiate your EoC adventure by obtaining an esteemed avatar, a testament to your burgeoning power. Unfurl your imagination as you create and preside over your own realm, an emblem of your unyielding aspirations.

We are continuing to upgrade this collection over the course of 2023 on leading platforms such as OpenSea.

[2] EoC: Dungeons

© Edge of Chaos: Dungeons — Launching the Prequel Game

This summer we will be launching a mini-game prequel to the MMO sandbox game, which enables players to control their squad of doomed soldiers and make their way down an endless random-generated dungeon.

The pursuit of power and glory awaits those who dare to face the unknown! Conquer the ominous dungeons that lay before you and amass points, a testament to your unwavering courage and skill.

As you accumulate these hard-earned points, witness their transformation into the prestigious Redeemer Tokens — a currency sought by the most valiant of warriors. Ascend the hallowed leaderboard with each victory and compete with the elite for supremacy.

Here’s a sneak peek preview GIF of the Dungeons gameplay:

Join our Edge of Chaos discord channel today to get exclusive access to EoC: Dungeons.

[4] Avatar Configurator

Following the release of EoC Dungeons, we will be launching our unique Avatar Configurator soon after.

This will allow you to stand out from the crowd by customising your avatar, adding cosmetics and defining your look based on your personal preferences.

More news on this to come!

[5] Marketplace & Launch of the $DUCAT Token:

© Edge of Chaos: Marketplace

This autumn we will be launching our inaugural Edge of Chaos marketplace, where you’ll be able to not only purchase in-game assets and cosmetics but also trade and exchange them with other players.

With EoC’s on-chain player-driven economy, your assets will be yours to do with as you please. Unquestionable, full ownership.

This means you won’t have to sell any of your assets or cosmetics on the digital blackmarket, as you retain full control to sell or exchange at all times via the power of our integrated NFT technology.

And following the launch of the EoC Marketplace, we will be launching the powerful $DUCAT token, an in-game currency that enables you to transact with other players in a native manner.

Join our Discord channel to be the first notified of the $DUCAT launch.

[6] Playable Demo

© Edge of Chaos: Demo

By the start of 2024, we will be launching our first-ever playable tech demo of the Edge of Chaos MMO game to give the world a taste of MetaGravity’s new server technology capability and what this means for the future of online gaming and the metaverse.

You’ll be invited to take part in a deathmatch of epic proportions, where the goal is to collaborate with fellow gamers to reach the daunting castle, protected by an ancient mythical dragon.

Players may collaborate in teams or go at it alone. The choice is yours, as always!

[7] Launching the Full MMO Game

© Edge of Chaos: MMORPG release

By the end of 2024, we will release the first ever version of Edge of Chaos MMO.

We don’t want to say much more than to expect a game of absolutely epic proportions with gameplay experiences (such as cities and wars) numbering in the tens of thousands of players — in a medieval metaverse that’s never been seen before.

We can safely say that you can expect the unexpected 🙂

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We’ve also just launched our new Edge of Chaos website and branding so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all soon in the EoC community!



Edge of Chaos

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